A podcast of conversations about the awakening journey

Aimed to support those opening to expanded possibilities and realities.

We are here to awaken to who we truly are, which is what we wish to speak about on this podcast. It’s the process that so many of us are going through during this very special time on Earth.

Join us as we dive into rich and interesting conversations that touch upon the journeys many are experiencing as we evolve and ascend into a new world.

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Listening to the inner voice to create something new

The Backstory

The creation and culmination of this podcast is an example of what can happen when we learn how to listen to and act upon our intuition, a skill that has strengthened and deepened for both Kate and Amanda as a result of going through their own awakening journeys.

Kate, an Aussie living in Japan, and Amanda, an American (US) living in Mexico, came to know each other through a mutual teacher. Both enrolled in a 6-month Energy Guide Certification program, that took them both much deeper in their healing adventures and their understandings of this energetic world that we exist within.

The podcast sparked into existence within the DMs of Instagram. Kate replied to a story Amanda posted, which prompted Amanda to share an idea to have authentic and organic conversations about the awakening journey. After hitting ‘send’, her mind kicked in and questioned what she had just done. However, Kate responded with a resounding ‘YES’, as she had almost the exact thought the week prior.

With the power of this inspiration, they set the wheels in motion. However, they soon learned the importance of the collaboration to fully bring it to fruition.

The birthing of this podcast is a continuation of each of their healing and awakening journeys to support them in more fully being themselves.

Meet Kate Megee

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My spiritual awakening was an intense process of coming face to face with my beliefs, my thoughts, my fears and my ego which culminated in an ego death. This was truly a transformative experience that profoundly changed my life in so many amazing ways.

My awakening has been the doorway to an incredible journey of self discovery, healing and growth as I become the authentic version of me and truly begin to live as my soul self. It’s been a wild ride but so deeply rewarding and fulfilling.

I am passionate about helping others navigate the work of actualising their truth and their authentic soul expression through their awakening journeys as I believe our awakenings serve a much greater purpose and our dedication to our growth and healing, is what is helping us to birth a new earth and new way of living for all of humanity.

I am originally from Australia but have lived abroad for the last 16 years with my husband Ricky. We’ve lived in the UAE, Hungary, Pakistan and are currently in Japan with our eyes set on Costa Rica as our next stop and next adventure.

Meet Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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I’ve never held a nine to five job, which is something that I used to feel a bit ashamed about. However, my awakening journey has helped me come to terms with the fact that I’m here to create my own path in life. This has allowed me to feel a much greater sense of self-acceptance and love of life in general.

Going through an awakening (actually, many), has improved my life in profound and unexpected ways. It finally made this life make sense to me.

I’m an Aquarius x 4 (sun, moon, rising, & Mercury), with a lot more air in my chart, so having conversations about this amazing time in our existence is lighting me up more than I even imagined.

Although I’m from the United States, I currently live in central Mexico with my husband, two kids, and our new puppy. I once was a naturopathic doctor, but my personal healing and self-discovery journey has led me down a very different path, which the creation of this podcast is a result of.