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019. The Pain and Power of Kundalini: Ambha’s Intense Spiritual Journey

In this conversation, Ambha Roberts shares her journey with a Kundalini awakening, a powerful and transformative spiritual experience that had a profound impact on her life.  Ambah was fortunate enough...

Awakening Conversations Podcast

018. Surviving the Darkness: Ahna Hendrix on Awakening & Finding Purpose In The Akashic Records

In this week’s episode we are joined by Ahna Hendrix as she shares her journey of awakening that was a ripping apart of her life, business, relationships, and reality as...

Saramae’s Nde

017. SaraMae’s NDE – From Losing Her Legs To Learning To Love Herself

SaraMae Hollandsworth shares her incredible story of awakening through a near-death experience and the loss of her legs. She always had a knowing that she was here for a purpose...

Ep 16

016. The Power of Plant Medicine: Healing, Awakening & Spiritual Insights – Amanda’s Transformative Journey

In this conversation, Amanda shares with us her experiences with various plant medicines, including bufo alvarius, ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, cannabis, and rapé. She shares how each plant medicine has its...

Glitter Corners Brown

015. Cultivating and Trusting Intuition – Clairsenses, Guided Insights, Belief, Practice, and Following Intuitive Nudges

In this conversation, we explore intuition, something we’ve spoken to and about in multiple episodes thus far. We share about each of our journeys in learning to listen to and...

Ep 14 - Family Constellations Johanna Lynn

014. Family Constellations with Johanna Lynn – Healing Trauma & Family Dynamics

In this conversation, we talk to Johanna Lynn a therapist specializing in Family constellations; powerful modality that helps individuals understand and heal the dynamics within their family system.  Johanna shares...

Episode Thirteen

013. Ayu’s Galactic Awakening – Healing Childhood Trauma, Awakening To Connections with Extraterrestrials & Other Interdimensional Beings

In this episode, Ayu Sophia shares her cosmic awakening story and her experiences with extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings. She explains the concept of the soul and the soul group, and...

Awakening Conversations Podcast Episode 12

012. Gurus, Guides & Outsourcing Your Power – Importance of Self-Responsibility & Discernment

In this conversation, we discuss the topic of Gurus, Guides, and Outsourcing Your Power. In May 2024, an article was released about a spiritual cult known as Twin Ray and...

Episode 11

011. Helen’s Awakening Journey – Miraculous Healing & Activation of Gifts

In today’s episode, we are joined by Helen Fletcher, an energy healer and spiritual guide. She shares her journey from being a research nurse to embracing spirituality after a profound...

Episode 10

010. Spiritual Ego & Bypassing –  Post Awakening Traps & How To Work With Them

In this conversation, we explore the topics of spiritual ego and spiritual bypassing and share our own personal experiences to help highlight these common traps and challenges that can arise...