Episode 015

Cultivating and Trusting Intuition

Clairsenses, Guided Insights, Belief, Practice, and Following Intuitive Nudges

In this conversation, we explore intuition, something we’ve spoken to and about in multiple episodes thus far. We share about each of our journeys in learning to listen to and trust the messages that we’ve received. We touch upon how our intuitive guidance has shaped our lives in both big and small ways and how we can each receive this guidance. The conversation delves into the exploration of intuition, empathic abilities, and the development of discernment. It highlights the challenges of recognizing and trusting intuitive abilities, the impact of trauma on intuition, and the importance of setting boundaries. The discussion also emphasizes the role of belief, practice, and following intuitive nudges in developing and harnessing intuitive abilities.

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Awakening Conversations
015. Cultivating and Trusting Intuition - Clairsenses, Guided Insights, Belief, Practice, and Following Intuitive Nudges

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In this episode...


  • Intuition and discernment are personal qualities that can be developed and trusted as guiding forces in life.
  • Receiving guidance can come in various forms, including signs, symbols, and intuitive knowing.
  • Exploring the significance of repeating numbers and the different types of clairsenses can deepen our understanding of intuitive abilities.
  • Cultivating and trusting intuition is essential for making confident and aligned choices in life. Recognizing and trusting intuitive abilities can be challenging, especially when influenced by trauma and the lack of boundaries.
  • Belief, practice, and following intuitive nudges are essential in developing and harnessing intuitive abilities.
  • Empathic individuals may need to establish boundaries and differentiate between their own emotions and those of others to work with their empathic abilities effectively.


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